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The Mix

The Mix

The Mix is our playground! Any and all base beers are used with any and all fruits!


05/09/2017 - Cherry Funky Blender
We took the 4 cherry varieties we had left over from the 2016 season and added them to vintage barrels of Funky Blender for refermentation. The result is more acid forward compared to Cherry Fruit Stand. The sweet and sour cherries work great together.
07/26/2017 - Apricot Funky Blender
This blend is funky blender with a massive amount (CFP levels) of Perfection apricots from Palisade, CO.
08/29/2017 - Bourbon Peach Bank
We fermented and aged East Bank in 2 Woodford Reserve whiskey barrels. We then added CFP levels of Palisade peaches to round out the oak character. Very well balanced vanilla and peach notes.
East Bank refermented on Palisade Peaches.
Fruit Varietal: Peach Bank
For this Mix, we took a couple barrels of Saison and aged them on fresh, whole organic Palisade peaches and nectarines at a rate of 4 pounds per gallon. The small genetic difference between peaches and nectarines is a recessive gene, hence the name. We’ve been aging this blend for over 4 months, waiting for the stone fruit juiciness to pop out of the bottle. The time is now.
Fruit Varietal: Excessive Recessive
East Bank refermented on Palisade Ovation nectarines.
Fruit Varietal: Nectarine Bank
Oak Theory fermented and aged in Woodford Reserve and Woody Creek whiskey barrels, refermented on Palisade Peaches.
Fruit Varietal: Peach Advanced Oak Theory
We loved the results of blending blackberries with other fruits in previous beers we made, so for this Mix we tried equal parts Paonia Triple Crown blackberries and organic Palisade Elephant Heart plums for a total of over 4 pounds of fruit per gallon. The beer has bright pink foam with strong lacing upon pouring. This candy apple red beer has fruit flavors melding together flawlessly to create something truly unique. This is our best expression of fruit blending to date.
Fruit Varietal: Elephant Berry

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