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Our Extended Family Membership Club

Our Extended Family Program allows members to purchase beer on through their private store for future pickup at our location. Membership includes a single bottle of a special member’s only blend in addition to other perks.

The Extended Family started out of wanting to make sure our avid followers had an opportunity to have access to our beers even in the worst of driving conditions since we were only open the first Saturday of every month. We enrolled those who had visited us in the first several months we were open. Currently, the Extended Family consists of members who have been with us since year one, members who have written essays and rap songs to join, members who have washed and collected glassware when times were rough, and members who have slept overnight to be the first in line on a First Saturday. Our membership group truly is our Extended Family!


Membership for 2019 is currently closed. We’ll be announcing details for 2020 in November 2019. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter for up to date information.