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Consciously Aging:

Casey Brewing and Blending vintage beer bottles aging in cellarThere are many ways people suggest to age beer; some say on their side, or at a particular temperature, or vertical and away from sunlight. We personally store our beer vertically in a cool dark space. By aging the beer the flavors change overtime and if you are patient it will continue to get better and better! There is a difference between aging fruited and non-fruited beer, so for this experience we will be talking about aging non-fruited beer. We naturally bottle condition every blend we make to give the beer what it needs to develop softly in the bottle for years to come. The first few years we were open we couldn’t save as much as we wanted and most of those older blends have dwindled down over the years to just a case or two but its time to try them and we wanted to share this experience with you!

March’s Beers for Sale

On Saturday March 7th, we’ll be open to the public at our Barrel Cellar from 12-4 p.m.

Casey Brewing and Blending's Plum and Cherry Fruit Stand on barrel in front of a FoederWe’re releasing three new blends this month, two of which contain some of the grapes we received from the fall of 2019 from Palisade, Colorado. The grapes and blackberries pair perfectly in Funky Blender Preserves – Merlot Grape + Blackberry. The Chardonnay grapes provide a delicate balance we’ve never tasted before in a grape blend in Casey Family Preserves – Chardonnay Grape. Last but not least is a Fruit Stand version of organic Elephant Heart Plums and organic Sweet Benton Cherries (pictured right). The color and flavors on this one is amazing!