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What does “Consciously Blended” mean?

Troy Casey pulling a nail from a wine barrel at Casey Brewing and Blending's Barrel CellarSimply put, blending is the art of combining different flavors to get something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Every one of our blends has a tremendous amount of thought and time behind it. Each barrel is different in origin and size which all add to the flavor of the beer added to them. Different times of the year cause different flavors to pop up in our barrels. We spend time each month sampling barrels to see how the beer is aging and brainstorming ideas we could use that barrel for.

So when you try a Saison from 2015 next to one from 2018, they were blended with the same goals in mind, but for flavor to try and duplicate something.  The barrels used to blend will be very different, which is why each batch of beer is unique by itself and consciously blended for you.

February’s Beers for Sale

On Saturday February 1st, we’ll be open to the public at our Barrel Cellar from 12-4 p.m.

Close up image of Crusher next to Merlot Grapes on a wine barrelCrusher is our collaboration with Side Project Brewing. An ale fermented and aged in oak barrels with both our culture and Side Project’s house sour culture. 

The 3 barrels we used were aged for 8 months before being transferred to Merlot grapes from Palisade, CO for 2 more months of aging.

The beer has huge grape jam notes, medium acidity and is bright purple. Even though we used wine grapes, the beer has zero notes of wine to me. The fruit comes across much more like a grape preserve with a noticeable body. 

We’ll have an extremely small amount of Crusher available to go (1 bottle per person, $32 per bottle, first come first served) and plenty for on site consumption February 1st along with 7 other draft beers including Vanilla Jammy, Fifth Anniversary Blend, and Bourbon Barrel East Bank Preserves – Peach! Recent and vintage bottles available as well!

Additional Beers available February 1st:

Bourbon Barrel East Bank Preserves – Peach
Dry Hopped Oak Theory – Amarillo, Motueka and Galaxy
Funky Blender PreservesPlum – Laroda