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Cradles at Casey?

Last weekend marked the first weekend we began selling our brand new custom made bottle cradles! This is our version of Belgium’s traditional lambic baskets. Our walnut and steel cradles are designed to perfectly fit a bottle of your favorite Casey beer. We always wanted to bring our beer experiences from Belgium to the states and this is one way we could do it. Emily and I have fond memories of exploring Belgian lambic bar cellars (where a basket is a necessity) on our honeymoon a few years ago.

The baskets are traditionally used for bottles that have been cellared horizontally. If one were to grab a cellared bottle and place it upright before pouring, the yeast that had settled on the side of the bottle would become loose and make the beer murky. With a cradle, the bottle can be removed from your cellar and placed in the cradle until opening while the yeast remains firmly undisturbed at the bottom of the bottle, even during the pour.

One of my favorite memories of Belgium and our honeymoon revolves around a lambic basket and a bottle of beer. When Emily and I were eating lunch at 3 Fonteinen, Armand walked by and I nervously told him we loved his beer. We told him it was our honeymoon and he went to his cellar and brought back a bottle of 2008 Vintage Oude Geuze for us as a gift. He was personally very happy, having just completed a major business milestone and wanted to share his happiness with us as well. He said it was the same bottle he had just celebrated with. Later, when we were buying bottles next door, Lydie was ringing up our bottles and we shared again that it was our honeymoon and she gave us a lambic basket to go with Armand’s gift. It was an amazing visit in Beersel.

We only made 100 of Series 001. Cradles are available for purchase in our tasting room for $120.


Casey Brewing and Blending custom made bottle cradles, Glenwood Springs, CO