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Today is our official four year anniversary! Four years ago today, we opened our doors for the first time at 4 PM, having no clue what to expect. We only had Saison available to go. Our Facebook events page listed a whopping 19 people as attending! In the morning when I was sweeping, we had some people poke their heads in wondering if they were in the right spot. It was a huge relief to know that at least one person was going to show up. While more than one person did show up, I think we had more volunteers in the brewery than we did customers at some points of the evening. Thankfully over the last four years we’ve had many more people show up and hopefully enjoy our unique brewery.

To all our customers near and far, those of you who took a chance on me and drove hours to try something you had no idea would be good, those of you who camped overnight, those of you who’ve heard John’s tour speech so many times you could give it, thank you. Thank you for supporting our dream and making it a reality every day. I promise we’ll never stop trying to impress you.

Emily and I are so grateful to everyone who has and is currently working for us. We truly wouldn’t be where we are without all your help. Thank you for helping make Casey Brewing and Blending what it is. Your passion is inspiring.

Finally, thank you to my family. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for your help through pretty much every stage of this process, from living at home with you to save money for the business while I was still at MillerCoors, to watching Calder while I picked cherries last week. Thank you to all our friends and family who helped behind the bar with Emily. And Emily, thank you for keeping me sane these last four years. Your passion for our business is remarkable and so important.

Thanks to all, I hope to see many of you this week at one of our openings!

Troy Casey