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Funky Blender is our most recent farmhouse base beer. It’s a bit higher in gravity than Saison and we add a late addition of Colorado grown Cascade hops to the whirlpool for added complexity. The biggest difference from our other farmhouse beers comes from the additional yeast cultures we add for oak fermentation. These yeast cultures, when used together with our house culture, allow for different acid and ester production to create something distinctively different compared to our other farmhouse beers like East Bank and Saison.

The name was inspired by the song “Funky Drummer” by James Brown. This song is one of the most sampled songs in music. There is a drum solo in the song that has been sampled more than 1,400 times in almost every genre of music. Even if you’re not familiar with the song itself, I’m willing to bet you’ve heard it sampled in some sort of song.

I’m kind of a geek when it comes to music production in classic hip-hop. might as well be my homepage.  I see a lot of comparisons between making tracks and blending barrel aged beers.  Finding different samples and beats, finding different flavors and aromas in barrel aged beers, both opportunities to do something cool no one has done before.

During our Four Year Anniversary next month we’ll be debuting our first blend of Blackberry Funky Blender Preserves. This beer is made with 100% Colorado ingredients and has 6 pounds per gallon of blackberries. This fall we’ll be releasing more fruits in our Funky Blender Preserve series, as well as a lower fruited version similar to how we have Fruit Stand (around 2 pounds per gallon fruit with Saison base) and Casey Family Preserves (usually at least 4 pounds per gallon fruit with Saison as the base).

Tickets for our July 4th, 4 year anniversary celebration can be purchased here.

Now I’m off to visit our growers in Palisade and see how our cherries are looking! Thanks for reading,


Blackberry Funky Blender Preserves, farmhouse style ale, 4 year anniversary ale by Casey Brewing and Blending.
Funky Blender Preserves – Ale aged in oak barrels with blackberries