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Just as we prepare for a an amazing runoff in the high country, we are proud to announce a blend in partnership with Running Rivers “The Rare Fish Rare Beer Project!”

The Colorado River cutthroat trout has been called one of the most beautiful fish in North America.  While the Colorado River cuttie once occupied most cool water habitats of the Colorado River watersheds in Colorado and a few neighboring Western states, currently, this native fish now only occupies a fraction of its historic range, primarily living in isolated, small headwater streams.

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To bring awareness and preservation to this native fish species, we wanted to use fruit and ingredients that are grown in the Colorado River watershed to make this beer. We decided to dedicate our only blend of East Bank Preserves – Peach + Nectarine for this project. The honey used in East Bank is grown just across the river from our brewery and the organic peaches and nectarines used are from Palisade, a region able to grow such amazing fruit because of the proximity to the Colorado River. This blend features intense peach stone fruit notes and a delicate acidity with a slight malt note in the taste.


Proceeds from this limited two barrel blend, Colorado Cuttie, will go directly to the preservation of native Colorado River cutthroat trout. For more information about Running Rivers Org. and “The Rare Fish Rare Beer Project, visit: Running Rivers Org.