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Cherries are a classic fruit to be used in sour beer. Back before brewers made fruit beers, they only made standard beers that were often sour. Bars figured out they could sell more beer if they added fruit to the barrels they got from the brewers. Cherries were one of the first fruits to be used this way. Eventually, breweries figured out that they too could add fruit to beer because their high acid and sugar content makes them a perfect fit for sour beers.

Sour Cherries

Sour cherries are some of my favorite fruits to work with because the flavors are so unique and their colors are so distinct. 

We use three different varieties of sour cherries. Montmorency is the largest variety grown in Colorado and is your typical pie cherry. They have a pink skin and golden flesh but when used by itself it’s tough it get a dark color in the beer. Balaton and Danube cherries have a much darker flesh and skin and can contribute to the color we are looking for in these blends. There is only one farmer in Colorado growing Danube. We handpicked 700 pounds earlier this year and then received a few thousand pounds more later in the summer, almost that farmers entire Danube crop!

Where sweet cherries are picked by hand, sour cherries are unique in that they can be harvested by a mechanical picker. This tractor-like machine moves down a row of cherries grabbing the base of the tree. The machine rolls out a tarp around the tree and then shakes the it for only about 5 seconds to get all the ripe cherries off. The tarp is then rolled in and the cherries fall onto a conveyor on the tractor and dump into a tote with water to reduce cherry breakage and cool them down at the same time. It’s mesmerizing to watch!


Troy Casey hand picking cherries in Palisade
Our future cherry blends – coming soon

Future Cherry Blends

This month we’ll begin to release some of these cherry fruit blends. The first release will be Funky Blender with raspberries and Balaton sour cherries. In November, we will be releasing the Preserves version of  this blend.  We hope you join us to taste these new cherry beers, check HERE for tickets. As I type this, we’re bottling Funky Blender Preserves with raspberries, blackberries and Danube sour cherries. It’s fire. This one will be released in December most likely. Some other blends I’m thinking of for this winter are an intense four varittal Cherry blend. There are so many options when we get a great crop like this year! 


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