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History of Casey and Side Project

Shortly before I started Casey Brewing and Blending, I had started to hear about Side Project Brewing out of St. Louis, MO. Cory was a rising star in mixed culture beers and the more I heard and had the privilege of tasting, the more I realized how similar our thought processes were. I remember driving through western Colorado getting fruit in 2014 and listening to one of his interviews on a podcast. I was just thinking, yes, yes, yes that’s exactly how I see wild beer too!

Big Beers 2015

I introduced myself to Cory at Vail Big Beers in 2015 when he was pouring for Perennial. As we got talking, we started thinking about the idea of a collaboration where we shared each other’s yeast culture. That first summer we did Leaner! We both made the same base saison of malted and raw wheat and barley and fermented and aged it in oak barrels with both our own culture and each others.  Since neither of us had made a beer with peaches at such a high level we knew we had to make our first collaboration with them.

Then Came Jammy…

For 2016, Cory and I wanted to collaborate on another fruit beer and decided on blackberries. We both had access to and had not used blackberries before at this level of fruiting. Low and behold Jammy was made! Jammy was made with the same base beers as Leaner but this time with blackberries. It was really fun to taste each others beers side by side since this was one of the few times both of our blends were ready at the same time.  


The first week of October (tickets) we are releasing Velvet, our 3rd fruit collaboration blend with Side Project Brewing. Velvet is blended with over 5 pounds per gallon of organic local apricots. We went out to St. Louis last winter to brew Velvet with their team and then later this summer we sent Colorado apricots for their collaboration version because we were able to get our hands on a larger amount of apricots this year than in years past.

We snuck a few Velvet kegs to Denver last weekend for GABF and you should see the reviews.

The Fruiture….

We have 2 barrels of our 2018 collaboration brew left and as I write this, I’m planning my trip to get Merlot grapes for the 4th fruit collaboration with Side Project Brewing. It’ll be a super small blend available sometime in 2019

Look for Jammy 2018 to be released later this year and Leaner 2018 to be released sometime in early 2019. Join us for our Velvet release and purchase your tickets HERE.